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Software Solutions
For Your Industry

Our approach to technology, whether it be large scale data systems or mobile implementations is to understand what drives your business and where you're looking to improve. This not only allows Kiehl to recommend the right technical solution but helps ensure the return on the investment you are looking for. Kiehl Northwest provides your organization with a comprehensive solution set to meet any of your technology needs.

Software Development

Our expert consultants will work with your organization to construct and document a strategy to meet your business goals. We will suggest a technical strategy and architecture that not only meets industry best practices, but also one that fits within your organization and follows your internal standards to ensure familiarity and ease of maintenance.

Once development begins communication is the key to project success. We are comfortable using agile methodologies, a design driven approach, or a combination of the two. Our expert consultants will use your organization’s tools to track progress or recommend tools to improve efficiency to ensure that the project comes in on time and on budget.

Project Management

Kiehl Northwest has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Project Management Services to our clients. We take pride in having the responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. Our Project Managers are skilled in asking the penetrating questions, detecting unstated assumptions and resolving conflicts, as well as more general management skills.


We recognize that risk arises from uncertainty and directly impacts a projects success. Project management is not only an understanding of how to manage a project but to anticipate change and risks. The PM’s at Kiehl Northwest focus on this as their primary concern. We formally and informally measure risk throughout the lifetime of a project. Kiehl Northwest adheres to a policy of open communication, ensuring all stakeholders have an opportunity to express options and provide feedback.

Business Analysis

The Business Analysts at Kiehl Northwest are experts in creating project charters that outline roles and responsibilities, project objectives, stakeholders, budget and begin identifying resources. We establish clarity around the project scope and layout the groundwork for the approach.

Our analysts orientate themselves with information available on existing systems and previous discovery periods to begin formulating the analysis plan. We will create a communication plan and risk mitigation strategy.  

Budget control will be aided by careful control of scope, efficient well facilitated meetings, clear communication of expectations and full understanding of deliverables. We recommend weekly meetings with assigned project manager to communicate status of deliverables, objectives and identify any blockers or assistance needed.

Software Development
Project Management
Business Analysis

The process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. It is the process Kiehl Northwest uses to understand your needs and bring forth the best solution for your organization.


The high-level plan to achieve one or more goals. It is how Kiehl Northwest ensures the system we design and develop is aligned to your business. We strive to improve your business, not just deliver technology.


How we measure our success. Through our first two steps, Kiehl Northwest can define measurable goals to evaluate your project at various milestones. Upon completion, we will identify where improvement is needed and success achieved.


The start to finish of the work defined. It is Kiehl Northwest taking in everything we have learned about your business and your goals. After collaboratively defining the best solution, we deliver it to your organization.



  • Alliance Enterprises

  • Board of Accountancy

  • Bradken

  • Department of Commerce

  • Department of Early Learning

  • Department of Social and Health Services

  • Department of Transportation

  • Employment Security Department

  • Health Care Authority 

  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • OneMarket 

  • Port of Shelton

  • Washington Pilots Association

  • Washington School Information Processing Cooperative

  • Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

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